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Willmar Schwabe India Damiaplant Drops in Pakistan

Willmar Schwabe India Damiaplant Drops in Pakistan

  • Rs 2000
  • Rs 3500
  • Product Size : 30Ml
  • Category :Sexual Wellness
  • Imported From : India
  • Item From : Oil
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It is used to treat sexual dysfunction in men by acting as an aphrodisiac. It is also used as a general tonic to boost overall health. It is known to promote immunity and also act as an antidepressant. It is also indicated for sexual health problems such as low sex drive and premature ejaculation in addition to impotence. Helpline: 0300-2342627
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Willmar Schwabe India Damiaplant Drops Online In Pakistan | 0300-2342627

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction might be regarded as a trivial issue by some but it is not. It causes real distress to men and partners can become extremely frustrated. Nowadays, men suffering from erectile dysfunction look for sexual enhancement medicines. Top five well known homeopathic remedies are – Damiana, Ginseng , Agnus castus, Nuphar Luteum and Muira Puama. No side effects of these are known till know. With premature ejaculation and insufficient libido as one of the most common forms of male impotency, these remedies ensure the right and successful ED treatment for you. Lifestyle changes can also help you improve your sexual drive such as exercising and losing weight.


1. Treats impotence, sexual weakness, nervous exhaustion, and emotional problems
2. Provides help in managing conditions like insufficient libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation
3. Provides relief from the retracted and relaxed penis and pain in the penis and testes
4. Treats weakness of genital organs and related problems
5. Helps to treat lack of erection, low libido (sex drive), loss of prostatic fluid, or scanty emission without ejaculation
6. Acts as a powerful natural aphrodisiac
7. Aids in the treatment and management of sexual melancholia and nervous depression
8. Improves sexual stamina as well as overall metabolism
9. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, loss of libido, nervous exhaustion and impotence.

How to Use?

Unless otherwise prescribed, adults should take 10-20 drops three to four times a day.
Take Damiaplant either half an hour and hour before or after meals and preferably keep them in your mouth for a while before swallowing. As soon as an improvement is felt, reduce frequency of use.

Willmar Schwabe India Damiaplant Drops Price in Pakistan is 1,999/-PKR


junaid Oct-21-2023

Best results . thanks to solve my big problem

jamshed khan Oct-31-2023

Best product for me Thank u for such an amazing product

jamshed khan Oct-31-2023

Best product for me Thank u for such an amazing product

asad Nov-07-2023

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