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Eros Delay Cream In Pakistan

Eros Delay Cream In Pakistan

  • Rs 1600
  • Rs 1500
  • Product Size : 15 G
  • Category :Sexual Wellness
  • Imported From : UK
  • Item From : Cream
  • Availability: In Stock

Eros Delay Cream 15g is a revolutionary solution designed for men seeking to extend their intimate moments. Crafted with precision, this cream is formulated to provide lasting stamina, allowing you to take control of your performance and intensify pleasure. The unique blend of ingredients in this cream works synergistically to delay the climax, ensuring a fulfilling and satisfying experience for both partners. Helpline: 0300-2342627
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Eros Delay Cream (Original) | 15g | Best for men long lasting In Pakistan - 0300-2342627

Eros Cream contains lidocaine which is a topical anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of touch receptors. Eros cream is formulated to reduce sensitivity and prolong the pleasure.  Reduce Male Sensitivity  Prolong Pleasure For External Use Only Note: Eros cream is intended for vaginal intercourse only. They will be more effective if used in conjunction with a condom, this will also prevent.

Eros Cream Delay Herbal Natural 15g For Men Key Features:

Extended Endurance: Eros Delay Cream is specially crafted to extend endurance, enabling men to enjoy longer-lasting intimacy and heightened pleasure.
Fast-Acting Formula: The cream features a fast-acting formula, quickly absorbing into the skin to deliver rapid results without compromising sensitivity.
Natural Ingredients: Enriched with natural ingredients known for their desensitizing properties, Eros Delay Cream offers a safe and effective solution for managing premature ejaculation concerns.
Portable Packaging: The 15g size makes it convenient for on-the-go use, allowing you to discreetly enhance your performance whenever and wherever needed.


Apply a small amount of Eros Delay Cream to the desired area before engaging in intimate activities. Gently massage until fully absorbed, allowing time for the cream to take effect. Adjust the quantity based on personal preferences for optimal results.

Eros Delay Cream For Men Made In England Price In Pakistan is 1,699/-PKR

Nomi - Mar-20-2024

Packaging was excellent. Received in quick time. Really happy with the services.